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3 Reasons London Companies Should Use Chauffeurs

3 Reasons London Companies Should Use Chauffeurs

Many businesses are now making the move to chauffer services when it comes to the transportation of executive staff and guests. At one time corporate businesses may have kept their own fleet of vehicles to conduct airport pickups and to transfer executives from meeting to meeting but there is now an increasing move away from this costly exercise toward a chauffeur based service.

A chauffer service offers a flexible, luxurious yet cost saving option that even works for small-medium sized companies too when compared to the expense of keeping your own fleet of vehicles. The options available on public transport can be unreliable, overcrowded and uncomfortable so companies that want to save time, money and keep senior employees comfortable are becoming frequent users of chauffer driven services. Take a look at these three great reasons why London based companies need to use chauffeurs:

  1. Hassle Free
    Companies will find using a chauffeur service hassle free compared to any other mode of transportation. Chauffeur services are so easy to use as costs are known up front and can be settled beforehand plus the service is door to door, including client greeting which means that busy executives and business guests find their journey easy and hassle free. Compared to public transport the benefits are endless, there is no queuing, waiting or stress involved. After a tiring flight corporate clients find a shorter, more comfortable journey allows them space to relax or work and puts them in a better frame of mind for their subsequent meetings.
  2. Time Saving
    Public transport is of itself costly, unreliable and uncomfortable and car hire doesn’t offer corporate clients time to relax or work on the journey. Even waiting for a taxi and locating the taxi rank can bring delay. Door to door executive chauffeur services make the journey time as short as is feasibly possible and being driven of course allows clients time and space to focus their attention as they choose. In particular London based clients rely on chauffeur services for airport transfers, making clients long journeys as quick and easy as possible.
  3. Luxurious
    Who doesn’t like a touch of luxury? At the end of the day most companies find it worth the extra outlay to pay for a chauffeur in order to benefit their staff.  Using a chauffeur company allows you to choose from top of the range models which means your company makes an entrance wherever staff or guests go. Prestige and luxury vehicles make customers feel valued and allow them time to relax and enjoy the journey. Using a chauffeur service gives employees and guests the absolute best treatment at a minimal extra outlay. Our clients find it worth its weight in gold to keep executives and guests feeling comfortable, relaxed and appreciated. Arriving in style also makes its mark on your completion and acts a symbol of both status and success.

If your company is looking to build a reputation for excellence and a rapport with clients and guests that speaks of prestige and luxury, then you need to operate with chauffeur based services. You will be amazed at the time and money saved in the long run and you will quickly create a symbol of your own status in the corporate world by moving to luxury transport services for your executive and corporate transportation needs.

For a professional, discreet and luxurious service contact Chauffeured Services for a quote or more details at

Why Choose Chauffeured Services London

Why Choose Chauffeured Services London

Everyone likes to travel in style and that is exactly what a chauffeur service should offer you.

Here at Chauffeured Services we are all about offering a luxury chauffeur service that no other company can compete with. We work with private individuals, businesses and even celebrities to deliver a quality service helping ensure that we are the number one choice for chauffeur driven cars in London.

Here are 4 reasons you should choose Chauffeur Services:

Our drivers

You can only have a high quality chauffeur service if you have high quality drivers and that is exactly what you get with us.

Each one of our team of drivers are knowledgeable and professional ensuring your journey is as smooth and hassle free as possible. Our commitment is that you will always receive an efficient and reliable service. Our driver will always be on time ensuring you get to where you need to get to with plenty of time to spare.

Our service

From the moment you book your chauffeur, you will see that we are not just any chauffeur company. Our chauffer service will give you all you need but cost less than you think.

We pride ourselves on offering the very best of service, which includes:

  • Helpful and reliable chauffeurs
  • A special meet and greet service
  • A dedicated account manager for one on one interaction
  • Knowledgeable drivers
  • Complimentary water and order your coffee service

Whatever your requirements, whether for business, pleasure, a London airport run or a special event, you will get first class service every single time.

Our experience

Having been doing what we do for a number of years we know what we need to do to ensure our customers get what they need. We believe in giving you the very best and our experience helps give you that.

We have dealt with:

  • Luxury wedding transportation
  • A range of events from small ground transportation to large scale events
  • Award ceremonies
  • VIP’s and celebrities
  • Driver-only services

We have even had experience providing services at the London Olympics, transporting guests, VIP’s and celebrities. There is very little that we have not done when it comes to chauffeur services.

You can be assured that when you choose Chauffeured Services you are making the right choice for your requirements.

Our knowledge

Whenever you pay for a service, whatever that service maybe you want to be assured that the people you are buying from can deliver. Due to the knowledge we have in our industry and our knowledge of London we always deliver.

We understand that people expect the very best when they book a luxury chauffeur driven car and we ensure that we deliver that. It is our knowledge that helps separate us from other such companies. Whether business or pleasure our knowledge will ensure you receive the best chauffeur service available.


Here at Chauffeured Services we cover London and the home counties. Major cities and towns covered by our chauffeur service include Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, Bicester, Oxford, Hemel Hempsted, Watford and of course London. For more details or to make a booking click here.

Stay Safe by Pre-Booking your Airport Taxi in Aylesbury

  • Know the difference between a safe airport taxi service and a fake taxi service.Corporate Travel 1

When travelling to any airport destination from Aylesbury you need to know that you are being picked up by a company that is registered with the local authority. A company that is insured and regulated. A company that cares about its passengers and most importantly, the person that is driving you, gets you there safely.

So how do you stay safe? Each driver will have a badge available on their car or within the car that states that the vehicle is licensed by the local authority that it is registered to.  There will be a number on it with the details of the local authority.  The driver will also have their own badge which has an expiry date on it.  This must be in date. If it is out of date, they will not have been checked with the police for any arrests or convictions, so you may be in the car with someone who is not safe.

When looking to book a safe and reliable airport taxi service from Aylesbury, think of Chauffeured Services.  We are safe, insured and care about all of our customers as individuals.

The Wimbledon Championships 2015

Wimbledon Championships Wimbledon 2015

This June will see the beginning of the Wimbledon Championships 2015.  Starting on the 23rd of June running through to the 6th of July, we will see an action packed event that everyone is invited to.

For more information on how you can get to Wimbledon this year, have a look at our Wimbledon Chauffeur Service page by clicking HERE

Cricket – Lords Cricket Ground 21-25 May 2015

Lords CricketInvestec Test Match 21-25 May 2015

To find out more, click on the title above

London Chauffeur Service to Twickenham Rugby Six Nations

twickersThe 14th of March 2015 will see England take on Scotland in the Rugby Six Nations at Twickenham. Our drivers have expert knowledge on where to drop you and how to pick you up at the end of the match, keeping your waiting time down to a minimum. We do suggest you beat the traffic there, maybe stop for a drink before the game or even have a bite to eat.

Your chauffeur driven service from London to Twickenham couldn’t be easier with Chauffeured Services.  If you’re travelling in a group, we can provide a number of cars or a larger vehicle to keep you together.  Which ever you choose, we will be happy to help.

Call us today on 0333 577 0000 for more information.

Cheltenham Festival Trials

cheltenham festivalSo you have your tickets to the Cheltenham Festival trials on the 24th of January 2015 and you’re still working out how to get there? We suggest that you take a luxury chauffeur driven vehicle.  Whether you are travelling as a couple, or a group of people, we can cater for your every need. Vehicles from a Mercedes Benz E class for two to four people to a Mercedes 16 Seater executive mini coach is what we can offer you. What ever your requirements, why not book your car with us today.

Driving yourself just isn’t as enjoyable as you may think!

A Milton Keynes Chauffeur Company That’s First Class

choose a chauffeur in milton keynesThere is so much competition to choose from when looking for the right chauffeur company in Milton Keynes. However choosing the right one could be the difference between you having a successful journey to your destination or having a journey from hell. Over the past few years we have spoken to a number of people about the difference in service that they receive. Having travelled with other airport taxi companies in Milton Keynes they have found that by paying just that little but more, is worth every penny. The service and types of cars they travel in make a whole lot of difference, especially when leaving home early or making that awful journey back at night when you’re tired and just need to relax.  We cannot recommend using the service of a chauffeur company more than ever. Drivers who care about their work and most importantly take pride in their presentation and service delivery.

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Christmas Shopping Chauffeur Experience

Oxford street 1At this busy time of year, generally all that is on your mind is how to finish off getting those last presents, or your food for the annual family Christmas gathering. we believe that booking a form of transportation to make your life easier should also be on your mind, especially if you are looking to visit London. With very limited places to park and busy streets, there should be no alternative than to use a chauffeur driven car service to and from the city.  Drivers can help and assist with baggage, convey you between different shops, drive you to a spot of lunch and get you home safely at the end of the day with minimal fuss.  Once you have booked this experience, you will probably find that there is actually no other way to shop!